Ultra swanky restaurant SAVAGED by influencers after they were charged thousands for a meal

Ultra-glam food reviewers savage upmarket Montauk restaurant after they were charged $2K for meal: ‘Worst dining experience ever’ Two influencers have blasted a high-end Montauk restaurant after they were charged $2,000 for ‘one of the worst dining experiences they’ve ever experienced.’ Meg Radice and Audrey Jongens, who run the brutally honest account VIP LIST, slammed … Read more

Passenger jet miracle as flight from Majorca manages to land despite hailstones DESTROYING the front of the plane and smashing the cockpit windscreen

A passenger jet miraculously landed on Sunday despite hailstones destroying the front of the plane and smashing the cockpit windscreen. The Austrian Airlines Airbus A320 was flying from Mallorca to Vienna when chunks of ice slammed into the plane and its front windows. The plane’s pilot was forced to land blind, with passengers only realising … Read more

Couple sell their home in Manchester to move to Bali where their rent is just £2,000 a YEAR (and they’re building two villas on their own land)

A thrifty couple who sold their home and valuables so they could move to Bali say their rent is now just a dreamy £2,000 a year. Matt Dearing, 36, and partner, Carlie Donnelley, 35, originally from Manchester, took the bold step so they could live ‘financially free’ after growing tired of ‘living to work’. The … Read more

Massive U-turn as Dollar General ditches self-checkouts in 12,000 stores – but not because they care about customer service

Dollar General has stopped the use of self-checkouts in 12,000 of its stores – leaving them in only a handful of shops. It is by far the biggest U-turn by a major retailer on the controversial technology, and details are outlined in an internal staff manual uncovered by DailyMail.com. The value store spent millions of … Read more