Woman Who ‘Died’ Shares Chilling Discovery She Made In ‘Heaven’

A woman who ‘died and spent three days in heaven’ has shared the chilling discovery she made from the great beyond…

For centuries, people who have ‘died and gone to Heaven’ have reported experiencing clear visions and sensations that science has struggled to explain.

But one woman’s journey to the afterlife (and back again) has recently taken the internet by storm…

Julie Poole made a chilling discovery when she ‘died and spent three days in heaven.’ Credit: Alamy

‘Near-death experiences’ (NDEs) often bring about intense feelings of peace and well-being, seeming to transcend earthly life.

Many people report seeing a bright light at the end of a tunnel, watching events unfold as if viewing their life from an outside perspective, encountering spiritual beings or deceased loved ones, and gaining a deeper understanding of the universe.

While skeptics dismiss NDEs as hallucinations caused by anoxia, the slowing of brain activity due to lack of oxygen reaching the brain as the body shuts down in the dying process, researchers have found striking similarities in the accounts across different cultures, ages, and backgrounds.

This has led some to believe there’s a little more to it than that.

Some who have these experiences return with profound transformations in their beliefs, values, and outlook on life.

Many report feeling an intense feeling of universal love, inner peace, and heightened senses beyond their normal capacities.

Whether the key to the mystery lies in science or a spiritual dimension, NDEs raise more questions than answers.

But now, one woman’s near-death experience has gone viral…

Julie Poole has shared all about her near-death experience. Credit: Life After Life NDE via YouTube

Warning: the following contains a discussion of suicide.

Julie Poole has built a career as a spiritual mentor, guiding others through her teachings.

However, her path was not an easy one.

From a young age, Poole endured horrific abuse – physical, mental, s**ual, and emotional.

While this traumatic upbringing left her deeply scarred, it also catalyzed her spiritual awakening.

Poole has been open about these experiences, documenting them through writing over the years.

Recently, she revealed a profound near-death experience in her 20s after attempting to take her own life.

In her words: “I took an overdose of my medication and in a way ‘died’ and was transported to a heaven-like ‘spirit realm.’”

It was here that Poole claimed she had visions about the future of humanity.

Julie Poole claimed she had visions about the future of humanity. Credit: Life After Life NDE via YouTube

“I suddenly saw my guides and angels around me and then they lifted me up and took me up to the Higher Realms. I just remember saying ‘I’m going home’ and they said ‘No you’re not, it’s not your time.’”

These spiritual beings then allegedly told the struggling young woman: “We did warn you it would be too hard and too overwhelming, and now here you are at 21 trying to check out.”

Poole recounts returning to her physical body three days later but with one final prophetic message ringing in her mind.

“They promised me that between 2012 and 2032 would be the beginning of a new ‘Golden Age’ for mankind,” Poole explained.

These higher entities elaborated: “What we mean by the Golden Age is that for millennia now there has been an enormous amount of power, abuse, and control… all of that has been held by the few and has controlled the masses.

“This Golden Age is bringing an equality across the board, so that which is false and fake and untrue and corrupt will fall away.”

Poole firmly believes we are headed towards this pivotal transition.

“It’s coming up not so that we can have some sort of Armageddon, but the people in power that are corrupt are getting found out. They’re getting caught and kicked out, and people that have a pure heart and pure intentions are coming in instead.”

While NDEs remain scientifically unexplained, Poole’s vision points to a dramatic societal shift and spiritual rebalancing in the years ahead.

Whether one agrees with her revelations or not, her story arcs towards hope – that truth and integrity will ultimately prevail.