Man with micropenis reveals how he broaches the topic with potential sexual partners

A man with a self-described ‘micropenis’ has opened up about how he broaches the topic with potential partners.

Officially defined in adults as a penis that, when gently stretched, measures 3.67 inches or less, the term can also be used colloquially to refer to a much smaller-than-average appendage.

Taking to Reddit, a man from the US says his phallus measures around 1/4inch while flaccid, revealed that he has had to endure ’embarrassing moments’ as a result of his size.

He spoke further about his experiences after another forum user asked: ‘How do you approach sexual relationships when you meet a girl, like do you inform her first or just go for it and pray for the best?’

According to the man, he chooses not to lie about his genitalia, and if the subject comes up before he and a partner see each other naked, he will give truthful measurements.

An anonymous man has taken to Reddit to discuss having a micropenis, and how it has affected his life (stock image)

He wrote: ‘I don’t bother lying to women about my size tbh but like in the beginning stages like those talk to get to know you stages and if it’s bought up during one of those sexy time talks I’ll be honest and say my size.

‘Other times like heat of the moment just hooked up with a woman when it happens I’ll take mine out and just hope for the best. Though I’ve experienced many awkward embarrassing moments.’

Another Reddit user acknowledged the social pressure on men to have large penises, and asked how the poster seems comfortable in spite of this.

The asked: ‘In such a situation how do the women tend to deal with the elephant in the room, or lack of? You seem quite at ease with it and accepting of it have you always been like that or did it take time?

‘Sorry genuinely curious there’s obvs a massive stigma around it for men and even as a slightly above average but nothing to write home about man I get nervous to whip it out the first time, I really feel for you bro.’

Admitting that he’d had no real option other than be philosophical about the size of his phallus, he revealed that on occasion, the situation does depress him.

He wrote: ‘I mean mostly every partner I’ve been with were kind disappointed I mean I sorta felt it and normally it’s an awkward embarrassing experience from there.

‘I mean the insecurity gets the better of me some days for sure but it’s the hand I’m dealt all I can do is accept myself.’

When other forum users suggested the poster work on his other sexual skills, that don’t require his penis, he noted that even that wasn’t always a valid option.

The man explained: ‘It’s not as easy for me most women in my experience after seeing my size were disappointed most experience growing up didn’t make it pass 2nd base so to speak and til this day as an adult.’

It’s not only during encounters with potential sexual partners that he’s felt uncomfortable about the issues, he added.

‘I mean growing up I always avoided the boy lockerrooms and the pool and beaches because of my size,’ he explained.

‘Later dating and sex became a struggle most of the time awkward and embarrassing because of it too. I’ve been laughed and made fun throughout the years because of it.

‘Many embarrassing moments throughout my life hell once or twice at my job because of how the seat of my uniform work pants look on me. Using the restroom I avoid urinals just wait for a stall.

‘Sometimes time I would sit to take a leak just because it’s not messy compared to trying to aim because it’s small.’

Revealing how he discovered he had the condition, he wrote: ‘Last I could remember is when when I was 5 or 6 my parents and medical provider spoke on it. I think my parents just figured it’ll just grow on it’s own over time. Of course it never did grow still basically the same size since then.’

Talking further about how he felt about it when he was young, he added: ‘I mean I sorta vaguely remember at maybe 6 yrs like a last memory of my parents talking on it with like a doctor.

‘As I grew up I didn’t really bring it up really not at all just sort of dealt with it alone. Around late jr high and beginning high school I realise it hasn’t grew since I was younger. That’s probably when I really realized the issue.’

When asked about whether there are surgical options, and whether he would take that route, he didn’t seem optimistic.

The man wrote: ‘I mean from what I’ve heard n read yes and no. Supposedly penile enlargement surgery is a thing but from what I’ve read it’s normally practiced illegally n it’s expensive and it’s high risk I mean as much of a risk as other surgeries but it’s very damaging to the part.’