My boyfriend is 42 years older than me – our relationship started when he delivered me a kebab

An 18-year-old, whose boyfriend is 42 years her senior, has shared how the pair first set eyes on one another.

Nikeisha Lightfoot, 18, first met her partner Dimitrios Fotis, 60, when he delivered her kebab to her door in 2022.

The lovebirds from Great Yarmouth said they ‘connected instantly’ and their bond has only grown stronger over time.

Nikeisha Lightfoot, 18, first met her partner Dimitrios Fotis, 60, (pictured) when he delivered her kebab to her door in 2022

Despite facing criticism due to the age gap, the pair haven’t let trolls get them down – and insist their love is real.

The entrepreneur explained she would see often as he would deliver her takeaways – which she would get nearly daily

‘I wish people knew that love has no age limit,’ Nikeisha, an entrepreneur, said.

‘We fell in love with each other – there is no catch to it.

‘We instantly connected when we first met and spoke for a while.

‘We went away together to get to know each other more. 

‘Older men are more experienced.’

For the happy couple, it all started when personal trainer, Dimitrios, was working as a delivery driver, and delivered Nikeisha a takeaway dinner.

They began to notice each other out and about more – but one day the 60-year-old advised an unwell Nikeishia to drink lemon tea

After forgetting the recipe, the 18-year-old text the delivery driver to confirm his recipe and from there their relationship grew

Sharing the story in a video on TikTok with her 60,000 followers, she explained that she was ordering food most nights due to working two jobs, one as a cleaner, and one in a Chinese restaurant.

Nikeisha said: ‘I used to go home and get a takeaway because it would be so late by the time I’d get back, and I’d just get it from the local one around the corner.

‘He [Dimitrios] used to deliver it every night.

‘I used to say to him on the delivery note can you call me when you’re outside because it was late and I had younger siblings, and I was on the top floor.

‘So he would call me when he was outside, I’d go out and get the kebab, and then from there – I never used to see him before – we just kept bumping into each other in the street.’

The two would say hello when they passed each other in public, but one evening when going to the local shop, Nikeisha spotted Dimitrios waiting nearby for a delivery.

She hadn’t been feeling well and said she was in her pyjamas and looking ‘rough’ when Dimitrios asked her how she was feeling, and recommended she make a lemon tea to feel better.

Having forgotten how to make the tea the way Dimitrios advised, she decided to text him.

She said: ‘He reminded me, and we literally just spoke from there.

‘We spoke for a while, we changed to WhatsApp, and then we went away to get to know each other a little bit – and that’s two years gone.

‘Now we’re best mates and loving life. What a story!’

Several people flooded the comment section with support for the couple, dubbing them ‘really cute’ and ‘genuine’. 

‘I love this ❤️I would love to meet someone in such a beautiful, genuine way. Makes me think of those short stories in films like Love Actually,’ one quipped.

A second chimed: ‘Omg my favourite love story. You guys are the cutest couple.’ 

‘I’m 33 and my now husband is 61! we just got married last Saturday, and had our 12th anniversary on Tuesday just gone,’ a third added. 

One follower added: ‘Love is love. you both vibe. Just treat each other well and ignore any hate. most people are jealous and lonely.’

Another said: ‘What a lovely story that’s how love is meant to be.’